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July 2, 2009



Guy & Girl at Antwerp


London Street

July 2, 2009

DSC02841 DSC02844 

DSC02845 DSC02889 

DSC02907 DSC02922

London street, this is not all. can you imagine how big london is and imagine how many people or living in london with dope fashion style, love london !


May 5, 2009


I gotta little crush, he’s wearing adidas all the way. guys with taste ? guys with taste are the only reason why girls with taste are dating them. because it’s hard to find a cute guy next to you. am i right ? everything Adidas & Pants APC. Guy In Antwerp.

street fashion.

April 29, 2009


Sometimes, you don’t have to wear big labels to look super cool & fashionable. just wear what you like, it doesn’t matter ! truly sometimes people wear the big big labels only because you need to see what they wear & truly it’s not nicee ! so if you want to wear the big labels maybe match it with something cheap or something no one will know that it’s Gucci ! Jacket, Skirt, Shoes H&M & Bag Marc Jacobs. Girl In Antwerp.