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Rutger Derksen

October 2, 2009



Rutger Derksen, our tough Eatly male model. I love to see how this man has grown into such a good, most wanted model. He did good. “first photo jakandjil


Holland, Search Intern Where Who When ?

August 29, 2009


Holland, Holland, Holland, Back to school fashion Peoples, BUTT ! soon you need a business where you as an intern have to work for. because i love to help people and because i know you need one, there are so many business where they are looking for a intern. Go to Fashion United  GOOD LUCK !

mariel haenn

August 29, 2009


That’s why i love USA, Mariel Haenn a very very good stylist with the celebs. Not a black woman but she is good with the black celebs. Ciara, Rihanna, Will Smith and more. you got to love her MarielHaenn

New Talent Portfolio Night !

June 1, 2009


New Talent Portfolio Night at Streetlab. i already said it before about the streetlab talent portfolio night, so now you can work on your portfolio and june 18 2009 you can go to streetlab with you portfolio to show the bussiness where you want to work for, let them see what you can do! a writer ? designer ? fashion designer ? photografic ? or you can come and talk with people and see how its done so you can come for the next time.

Stand Up Comedy

May 8, 2009

Stand Up Comedy, Are you funny or do you think your funny, do people say your funny ? andddd do you live in Amsterdam ? why not come to the stand up comedy at Ganzehoef CEC Building in Amsterdam. every wednesday there is a stand up comdey, where you can come, enjoy the funny stories of the people from the street. tickets are 7,50 euro and time from 21.00 till 23.00. if you also got some moves, just come we will laugh !


April 18, 2009

eflyerdef1_390xSo many many Talents on Earth, i love the way people are, how creative a person can be ! not everybody knows what the creative way they got. so i got you all a list with things you can do, to let yourself shine and let the people see how danm good you are, or you need a push to vicar out what you can & cannot do! in the Categories you find Adore Talent and every week i bring you some events so you can put yourself out there ! Streetlab is one of the events i like for the ones who’s got talent! yesterday i went to streetlab Talent Portfolio Night. people with soo much talent, from graphic design to fashion designers. just bring your portfolio and a lots of words to get your round to speak with the business where you want to work for, let them know who you are ! don’t forget to check my blog every week and maybe your talent night will pass by.