2010 love.

It’s already hard to find love, It’s also hard to keep love. we all are so far from the real love, the real love that we all deserve. Now we have to make an excuses to fall in love, make an excuses to be with some one, make an excuses to hold, cry and talk. 1. i want love because it’s winter, 2. i want love because you, my friend got love to, 3. i want love because i can’t sleep alone ! more like 4,5,6 till 1000. why do we take some one to love, when the first person come along? why do we love some one when we think is right but not know if it’s right? like i said ! It’s already hard to find love, It’s also hard to keep love ! we don’t love, love anymore like we did. like we need to do ! people makes me afraid of love, because the love comes from human and also from the nature. people makes me look different to love, because the human shows the love, people makes me want love, because the human talks about it. still at this year i don’t even know what love is, because the human treat love like trash, treat love sometimes good and sometimes bad, treat love like you know it’s not yours. if you do, why do you still acting like you love, love?


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