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Let’s Go Back.

July 27, 2009

Danm, This one will definitely take you back in time. N’SYNC – I Want you back & Tearin up my heart.


Let’s go back

July 26, 2009

Sweet for this summer, bring your own caribbean into your place. (that means holland has a wack summer) Kaoma – Lambada. good song !


July 26, 2009


I said no news on lovecount about sex and the city, but peeps i really can’t wait for this movie, i just want to see it. Maybe Vicroria Beckham will get a part in this movie, play as a fashionista.

Couples Retreat

July 26, 2009


Couples Retreat, I see “why did we get married” back in this movie, but with a funny vibe. i love movies like this, but still not getting a feeling to get married, no still not, hmm no i don’t feel it, still, i need to think about it.

The September Issue.

July 26, 2009

Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna Wintour Said this, Said That, But Anna Wintour is the Boss ! without Anna no vogue. This Documentary it’s about Anna Wintour herself. behind the scene’s of the magazine & sunglasses. If this is your dream, maybe you need to look at this documentary for experience and build your career to the next level. It’s all about fashion, My line: Fashion is just the way you present yourself, wear what you like, dare to wear !

Corinne Bailey Rea workin on her new album.

July 26, 2009


Corinne Bailey Rea she is finally workin on her new album, for the hard time she had with the death of her husband, now she is back in the studio and workin on some new songs. I can’t wait !

CB Look !

July 25, 2009



Manolo Campion

Phillip Lim Cruise Collection

July 25, 2009


Phillip Lim Cruise Collection, So Cute, i love it ! Want to know more PhillipLim

Solange where is your hair ? you forgot it somewhere ?

July 25, 2009


Okay? What is this? This One is a good example for all the chicks out there who wants to do something only because an artist has done it ! don’t do that, just be yourself. But this one is a celeb doinin something what a stripper did (Amberrose) ! So that twist i don’t follow right and plus it doesn’t look nice Solange ! No really she looks like a Black N**** who don’t have the time for a GOOD haircut !

Zwart Black Licht Light Won !!!

July 25, 2009


ZwartLicht Won A Funny and an Interesting interview with Lovecount. So don’t forget to Check Lovecount !!! Holla.