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Nianga Niang

May 28, 2009


Dutch Models, One of the Dutch models that i like Nianga Niang. not only the American Models & Celebs on Lovecount, Lovecount keeps it around the world !


Zoe Saldana

May 28, 2009


did you saw star trek? guess who? Vantage point? crossroads? okay than you know her !

Chanel is that your bag ?

May 28, 2009



Robyn Rihanna Fenty.

May 28, 2009

rihanna-k.0.0.0x0.500x815Leave all the nude pictures & the beef with chris mr.brown, cause rihanna is fashion. you can say what you want but Rihanna is fashion. that’s it !

Opening Ceremony.

May 28, 2009


NewYork, LosAngeles with Opening Ceremony Stores. believe me things you like! for boys & Girls. You find there the great young desingers and more ! Sometimes the stores in America are to dope and here we find things we already saw and al the same “what we think” But here in amsterdam and other citys in holland you find dope stores. Checkout lovecount everyday and i’ll let you see the best stores here ! Go to OpeningCeremony

sisters !

May 23, 2009


i love the 2 sisters B&S knowless. i don’t have that good bond with my onw sister but maybe soon ! i’m the little sister “solange” and my big Beautiful sister with more money than me “beyonce” i’m not like my sister but she is my role model, “love you judreanne mensche

Solange Knowles

May 23, 2009


Solange Knowles, little sis !

A.P.C 123

May 11, 2009


A.P.C me likey, apc clothes are nice. i keep saying the same things but it’s true i like it ! again the soft light colors and the style is cute. or do i just need to put a link and done ?  XD for more A.P.C clothes go to A.P.C 

Stand Up Comedy

May 8, 2009

Stand Up Comedy, Are you funny or do you think your funny, do people say your funny ? andddd do you live in Amsterdam ? why not come to the stand up comedy at Ganzehoef CEC Building in Amsterdam. every wednesday there is a stand up comdey, where you can come, enjoy the funny stories of the people from the street. tickets are 7,50 euro and time from 21.00 till 23.00. if you also got some moves, just come we will laugh !

Alexander Wang

May 8, 2009

Alexander Wang, i already got no words on this blog and again for Alexander Wang my words are not that many. he’s work is good, he brings black back in the clothes and not just black but beautiful black. to enjoy more of he’s work go to Alexander Wang for the spring collection 2009.