eflyerdef1_390xSo many many Talents on Earth, i love the way people are, how creative a person can be ! not everybody knows what the creative way they got. so i got you all a list with things you can do, to let yourself shine and let the people see how danm good you are, or you need a push to vicar out what you can & cannot do! in the Categories you find Adore Talent and every week i bring you some events so you can put yourself out there ! Streetlab is one of the events i like for the ones who’s got talent! yesterday i went to streetlab Talent Portfolio Night. people with soo much talent, from graphic design to fashion designers. just bring your portfolio and a lots of words to get your round to speak with the business where you want to work for, let them know who you are ! don’t forget to check my blog every week and maybe your talent night will pass by.


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