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Mohamed Azir.

April 29, 2009


Lux StreetFashion, there you find good stuff. for the people who whats everything brand new from the state’s. LRG, Air Jordans, New Era, Nike Sportswear, Suprem, Sixpack, Roque Status/Famous, Crooks&Castles & Triko you find Lux Streetfashion @ Kipdorpvest 36 WWW.MYSPACE.COM/LUXSTREETFASHION 322252409 At Antwerp



April 29, 2009


Avenue, streetwear store. here you find dope sneakers. i like it more for the guys but maybe there’s some girls who will like. Married Mob, CD Lifestyle, Made me, Hellz, Camilla Norrback, Kid Vanilla, The Hundreds, New Yorks ‘Alife’, Diamond, Supreme, CrooksandCastles & Parra. you find Avenue @ Lange Klarenstraat 29 Antwerp WWW.AVENUESTORE.BE -32/ 32266736 At Antwerp


April 29, 2009


Santogold, she got this wierd voice, strange beats & crazy style. but stil! she is dope !

Chanel Iman.

April 29, 2009


Chanel Iman, she is a nice model, love her !


April 29, 2009


Lockwood, A great Skate shop ! they got all the good labels like, Nike SB, SVPRA, Baker, Diamond, Volcom, Matix, Fallen, Vans, DC & Adidas. you find Lockwood @ Lange Klaenstraat 14 Antwerp WWW.LOCKWOOD.BE 03 2266736 At Antwerp

street fashion.

April 29, 2009


Sometimes, you don’t have to wear big labels to look super cool & fashionable. just wear what you like, it doesn’t matter ! truly sometimes people wear the big big labels only because you need to see what they wear & truly it’s not nicee ! so if you want to wear the big labels maybe match it with something cheap or something no one will know that it’s Gucci ! Jacket, Skirt, Shoes H&M & Bag Marc Jacobs. Girl In Antwerp.


April 21, 2009

May 01 2009, Lovecount begins with online shopping, you can buy Vintage Bags, Vintage earrings, Vintage Belts and many more. So Don’t forget to check Lovecount !! maybe there’s something you really like. So, Warning Sold Out Really Means Sold Out !

Kids Kids.

April 20, 2009


Kids are amazing, they have this fantasy world where no one can’t understand them. everything is different, everything is funny and a game. maybe they see things that we don’t see, i think they are smart, they will tell you the truth. thinks you never thought they can know. but if you think kids don’t hear you talking or don’t see you do something you got it wrong. because they see everything and it will be remember always ! Kids and fashion is super super cute, maybe they don’t know what they wearing but kids and fashion is picture perfect ! ” shirt Zara & knit, pants, jacket United Colours of Benetton & Shoes Vans” Kid in Amsterdam.

Janet Jackson – rock with you

April 20, 2009


Great Beat !

Topman, for your men ?!

April 20, 2009



SEXY, topshop & topman, i thought this blog is more for the ladies but off course you can buy some for your men & friend. the clothes are super nice, i like ! go to Topman