February 15, 2010

I love my mac, but today im happy and have love for everyone. today im going to help at a fashionshow in Amsterdam, pack some goodiebags hihi. maybe later i’ll post the tiny film that i made yesterday. Much Love !


Angela Simmons

February 14, 2010

There is something about angela, she looks fun hihi. im following her on twitter and her pictures and tweets are fun, i hope she is really like that ! Because girls need to have fun. when im older i always want to have fun, with my kids and husband, i dont want to have fun only now because im young, i think everybody has to have fun. FUN & LOVE !

Love for the future.

February 14, 2010

Was kinda daydreaming here again, soury !


February 14, 2010

Im wonderin what pharrell is workin on? you all know i want to marry this man, but let’s talk about something else hihi. Today i woke up and had a feeling it’s summer without even looking out the window and than i did and guess what ! its still fucking winter and i want to go outside and have a lots of fun but i can’t because the weather dont want me to. but i had a idea, im goin to make a short thin layer (i know it’s valentine but fuck that) sooooo, i’ll let you see the short film later on the day. do you ever had the feeling you will be rich someday ? now ! today is that day for me, i have a big big feeling im goin to be rich someday, someday, someday, SOMEDAY !

W O A D.

February 13, 2010

Im kinda inlove with this song, they say im always daydreaming, i have no idea if thats true but, it can ! im always daydreamin about the future. i cant and will not stop =D. but i love this song, i got it from a friend and fell like 1 second in love with “Empire of the sun”.

Empire of the sun – Walking On A Dream.


February 13, 2010

Kiss&River. Ilove this H&M T-shirt, it reminds me of christopher kane T-shirts, i guess that was actually the point. I told you guy i had a photoshoot today, but the photoshoot & the studio chillin was cancelled because the model was sick and i was sick and suddenly was everybody sick, but i was not that SICK ! i have a little flu and my voice is gone. i talk like a men now ! but i went with some cute friends to the movies to see Valentine’s Day. Menn, i went home and now i feel alone. tomorrow i have literally no one to spent my valentine night with. oohwell, My mom is my only great valentine i have, so i’ll have a nice day with her tomorrow. but the movie is great, i really like it ! the kids in the movie are so danm cute, you’ll cry ^^, !

pinkie lips and long brown hair.

February 13, 2010

Today i got a photoshoot and sort of studio sessie hihi (chillin in a studio). im goin to do the styling for the photoshoot, it’s a poloroyt photoshoot by the way…. if you want to see my portfolio, take a look at NaphtalyRooi ! i got a playlist for you guys, enjoy “Heart

Remy Zero – prophecy

Lenny Kravitz – Believe

Robin Thicke – It’s in the morning

Kid Cudi – Cudderisback

Air – Sexyboy

R.I.P Alexander Mcqeeun.

February 13, 2010

Kid cudi – cubberisback

February 9, 2010

That’s why i love him, that’s why i love him i said.


February 6, 2010